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Christkindl Market
Post Office

Located inside Kitchener City Hall - Rotunda front lobby

Christkindl has its own Christkindl Market postmarking. Bring your holiday letters and postcards to our Post Office for the official Christkindl marking. It's a rare opportunity for stamp collectors!

You'll find the Mailbox in the front entrance of Kitchener City Hall - Rotunda. Be sure to bring your mail and postage stamps!








We rush to mark Christkindl Market on our calendar

"My husband and I began going to the Christkindl market about 4 years ago shortly after we got married. It was a year where neither of us was much in the holiday spirit with all of the stress of everyday life and thought we would go down to at least look around and get out of the house.

It was amazing what wonders it did for us! From the lights and the music and the smells and watching everyone smiling and instantly lifted our spirits and helped us keep them there through the whole holiday.

Now we can't wait year to year for the first advertisements of when it will be and we rush to mark it on the calendars. We always go the Friday night, no kids or friends, just us - to sit and take it all in.

You don't know what you are missing until you have been there!" - Letter from Tracey Saraceni