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Model Railway

Fred & Jenny Aldred ~ G-Scale Layout



miniature steam plant

Families return each year to relive the wonder and make memories.

Conestoga Room, Main Floor

Today we spoke with Fred and Jenny Aldred and they are thrilled with the visitors returning with their children and grandchildren in hand. Memories are shared. And, plans are made to return next year.

"Conceived in 2006 and with a desire to display garden railroad at the level it was intended to be viewed, we set out to achieve our goal. In the past, Garden-scale model trains have been displayed on table tops of 30 inches or more making it very difficult for the younger generations of model railroad fans to view these very impressive sized trains.

We have taken it upon ourselves to bring it down to the level where everyone can enjoy them - Ground Level! We have been working diligently since the beginning of 2007 to be ready for a number of train shows. More than $50,000 has been already spent on buildings, track, supplies, and of course trains!

The best part about this layout is its ability to evolve and grow as well as change from show to show, with no set track plan or building placement, each time it is set up it will be different! It can range in size from as small as 12x20 up to an impressive 24x60. We will have the ability to run up to 7 trains at once on our layout at its biggest size! We believe this is a first in G-Scale at a show!" have listed the top holiday displays around the world, which includes our very own Fred Alfred. See page 5 of this 2011 Garden Railway Magazine PDF.

Read the 2008 listing by Rene Schweitzer
Download the PDF (552KB)


Miniatures by Joe Koch & Helmut Banderob

The Miniatures are another family favorite. You'll find them on the main floor in the Conestogo Room. Take a few minutes and get up close to discover how it all works.