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Day 1

Welcome to a few stories of Christmas Trees to help you start off the holiday season.    

Today's Concert

Marko, The Prince of Polka

Listen to today's concert recorded in 2019 (click >PLAY below). 
Grab a Gluhwein. Enjoy the stories and activities on this page. And, visit our Christkindl Marketplace of shops.


Sing along when you hear this song: O Tannenbaum, German text, Ernst Anschütz, 1824

O Tannenbaum, o Tannenbaum,
wie treu sind deine Blätter!
Du grünst nicht nur zur Sommerzeit,
Nein auch im Winter, wenn es schneit.
O Tannenbaum, o Tannenbaum,
wie treu sind deine Blätter!

O Tannenbaum, o Tannenbaum!
Du kannst mir sehr gefallen!
Wie oft hat nicht zur Weihnachtszeit
Ein Baum von dir mich hoch erfreut!
O Tannenbaum, o Tannenbaum!
Du kannst mir sehr gefallen!

O Tannenbaum, o Tannenbaum!
Dein Kleid will mich was lehren:
Die Hoffnung und Beständigkeit
Gibt Trost und Kraft
zu jeder Zeit.
O Tannenbaum, o Tannenbaum!
Das soll dein Kleid
mich lehren."

" A common variation replaces the word treu (faithful) with grün (green).
Or Wie oft hat schon zur Winterzeit"

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Holiday Activities & Traditions

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  • What's your favourite story about getting your tree, putting up your tree or decorating it?
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  • What's on top of your tree? (e.g. star, angel, etc.)

Crafts & Recipes

Crafting & Recipes

Christmas Tree Alternatives

Sometimes, bringing a Christmas tree home just doesn't work out. You can still participate in the tradition of a Christmas tree even if you don't get one! Here are 35+ alternative Christmas tree ideas to decorate your home.

Make Your Own Tree Decorations

Staying at home may have its challenges, but don't let that stop your creativity! Grab your family and spend some time crafting your own Christmas tree decorations. Here are 75 homemade Christmas ornaments to inspire you this year.

Think Oktoberfest, except that the beer is replaced with Christmas cheer.
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