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Day 13

Come bounce, leap and twirl along with our Dance Groups while you listen to Today's Concert below. 

Today's Concert

Transylvania Hofbrau Band

Listen to today's concert recorded in 2019 (click >PLAY below). 
Grab a Gluhwein. Enjoy the stories and activities on this page. And, visit our Christkindl Marketplace of shops.

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The Transylvania Dance Group

The Transylvania Dance Group

The Transylvania Dance Group consists of our youth ages 15 to 26. They perform traditional folk dances throughout the year in two different costumes: the traditional Transylvanian Tracht (folk costume) and German dirndl and lederhosen costume. They take part in multi-cultural events, Oktoberfest, raise money for charities and are very active in our daily club life.


Concordia Enzian Schuhplattler Verein

Concordia Enzian Schuhplattler Verein

The Concordia Enzian Schuhplattler Verein has been performing together as a group for over 30 years comprising of a wide age range and multi-generations. The repertoire consists of traditional folk dances including waltzes, polkas, cow bells, whips and, of course, schuplattlering – all accompanied by a live accordionist. The costumes and dances represent the Miesbach region of heritage.


Schwaben Dancers

Kitchener Schwaben Dancers

The Schwaben Dancers are an energetic, Germanic folk dance group who love to entertain and electrify their audience. Their dances draw on their ancestral cultural origins from the Rhine region and blend them with the regional influences of the Danube River Basin. A plethora of artistic infusions from the Alps skirting the Carpathians across the northern Balkans to the Black Sea molded this distinctiveness.


The Alpine Dancers

The Alpine Dance Group

The Alpine Dancers of the Alpine Club (Kitchener) have been performing German/Austrian folkdances and Schuhplattlers since 1979. They entertain throughout the year on television, at conventions, celebrations, weddings, Gottscheer Reunions in Canada and the USA, and Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest.


My husband's family is German and up until we visited the Christkindl Market a few years ago I only had stories and some samplings of the different Christmas foods from Germany from his family. Until we visited your wonderful market I never really understood the fascination my husband has always had for German Christmas. Since that first visit my husband starts planning our next visit in October! He wouldn't miss it for the world and I have come to appreciate his heritage even more through experiencing this bit of Germany in Canada! Every year we bring our teenagers and invite our friends. Thank you for all your hard work - Christmas isn't Christmas for us now without the Christkindl Market!
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