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Day 25

Merry Christmas! Frohe Weihnachten! Christmas Day is here! 

Enjoy the full performance of the Grand Philharmonic Choir singing Hallelujah in the video above. 

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Today's Concert

Skit with Knecht Ruprecht & Christkindl

Listen to the skit & prologue performed during our Opening Ceremonies, between Knecht Ruprecht and Christkindl, recorded in 2019. (click >PLAY below). 
We have provided their scripts so that you can read along with them - in English and German. Grab a mug of Gluhwein. 
Enjoy the stories and activities on this page including
today's German saying and today's Nutcracker. Visit our Christkindl Marketplace of artisans and shops.

Christkindl's Opening Prologue

Peace to the world!
Peace be with you all!
Listen to what Christkindl has to tell you!

Every year, when the days are at their shortest,
When the year comes to its end,
The Christmas tree is decorated,
And everyone is looking forward to the feast.

We shall gather here, in this square, to celebrate the season.
And Christkindl Market shall come into being.

Our little huts are once again decked out
With spruce boughs and lights,
waiting to bring you joy and pleasure.
The tables are set and many gifts are waiting for your selection.

May our little market, in its brief splendor,
With its glitter, its sounds and smells
Always be part of our City life.
The season of giving has come!

We express our wishes, and we give presents.
Let us also give joy to those less fortunate.
Let us share what we have with the ones suffering through disaster
and hunger.

Be a child again today. Be as happy as children,
ensure that Christmas is a time of happiness for all!

As Christkindl, I invite you to my market,
All who come are truly welcome!
I now declare it open to you all.

“Let there be light”

Holiday Activities & Traditions



Artist: Pira Urosevic, Waterloo ON | Instagram @piraurosevic

Name of Nutcracker: Major Hazelton

Pira Urosevic is a self-taught, mixed-media illustrator who lives in Waterloo. She shifts between abstract & figurative projects on a regular basis. The mediums in which she works include, but are not limited to: acrylics, cyanotype, graphite, ink, print making, embroidery, textiles, digital illustration, collaging and photography.

Message from the artist:
This was great fun. Thank you for opening up this opportunity to KWSA members. I hope that it will continue next year.

View our whole collection in the Nutcracker Gallery and go visit the nutcrackers in all their glory displayed in downtown Kitchener on a self-guided walk.

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Activities to do on Christmas Day & Boxing Day

Christmas Day can be spent in so many different ways. If you looking for a new tradition or need some ideas for your own activities, here is a list of Things To Do On Christmas & Boxing Day in the KW Region

Here are some online resources to also help inspire your Christmas Day this year.

Go Skating - List of Outdoor Rinks in Kitchener
Explore Our Trails - Forest & Trails in Waterloo Region
Experience the Wonders of Winter - A Festival of Lights in Waterloo Park
Take an Art Walk -  A Field Guide to DTK's Art Walk

Christmas Bucket List

There are so many things to do over the Christmas season. We hope you've enjoyed our activities and have made many wonderful memories. Did you do everything on your bucket list? Here are 50 Fun Holiday Activities & Festive Things to Do

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Christkindl photo

A message from Christkindl 

"Christkindl Market is a staple of the Christmas season.

As someone who started volunteering at the Market a decade ago and is now enjoying her sixth year of being a part of it, I can attest to how much of an impact Christkindl Market has on individuals and the community. I started off as an angel that accompanied Christkindl and distributed candy to children throughout the Market. I loved every bit of the experience, from greeting friends and family to smelling the food being prepared. Now, I am one of the Christkindls, and the experience is still just like it was for me as a child. I love seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they stop to take a picture, and I enjoy seeing all the vendors return year after year.

Part of why this role is so special to me is that I watch other people make joyful memories at the Market while I make my own happy memories there too.

I am proud to be a part of this tradition that means so much to me, just like it does to the rest of the community that has found a place to bond and celebrate at Christkindl Market over a tradition with such a rich history. Each year, I am amazed by the vendors, the music, the food, and the cheerful environment that makes me so nostalgic of Christkindl Markets past, and also fills me with excitement for more to come in the future!" 
~ Christkindl 2021 

Photo (l to r): Knecht Ruprecht, Monica, SarahJane McNaughton (KW Oktoberfest) & Christkindl

Think Oktoberfest, except that the beer is replaced with Christmas cheer.
Heffner Ontario Trillium Ontario Downtown Kitchener City of Kitchener Graffiti Market Crowsfoot Smokehaus Dejardins Priority Mechanical BALL Construction Piller'sOktoberfest

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The photos, videos and concerts presented on this website are a chance for visitors to relive Christkindl Markets from 1997 through 2019. In 2020 we were online only.