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Day 3

Together, let's relive some of our Christkindl Market Opening Ceremonies from previous years. 

Today's Concert

Opening Ceremony

Listen to the skit & prologue performed during our Opening Ceremonies, between Knecht Ruprecht and Christkindl, recorded in 2019. (click >PLAY below). 
We have provided their scripts so that you can read along with them - in English and German.
Grab a Gluhwein. 
Enjoy the stories and activities on this page. And, visit our Christkindl Marketplace of shops.


Skit with Knecht Ruprecht and Christkindl
Knecht Ruprecht + Christkindl (CK)

Knecht: Von drauß', vom Walde komm' ich her;
Ich muß euch sagen, es weihnachtet sehr!

All überall auf den Tannenspitzen
Sah ich goldene Lichtlein sitzen;
Und droben aus dem Himmelstor
Sah mit großen Augen das Christkind hervor,
Und wie ich so strolcht' durch den finstern Tann,
Da rief's mich mit heller Stimme an:

(CK) “Knecht Ruprecht - alter Gesell
Hebe die Beine und spute dich schnell!
Die Kerzen fangen zu brennen an,
Das Himmelstor ist aufgetan,


Christkindl's Opening Prologue

Peace to the world!
Peace be with you all!
Listen to what Christkindl has to tell you!

Every year, when the days are at their shortest,
When the year comes to its end,
The Christmas tree is decorated,
And everyone is looking forward to the feast.

We shall gather here, in this square, to celebrate the season.
And Christkindl Market shall come into being.


The Christkindl Festival has been, and still is, a very special part of our Christmas celebration. We always get excited and look forward to basking in the nostalgic glow of the warm hospitality, family atmosphere, fantastic food, great products and the angelic sounds of the Christmas choir. Thank you for all the wonderful, lifelong memories - for ourselves and more importantly for our children. To another 100 years of Christkindl Market, Kitchener! Frohe Weihnachten
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The photos, videos and concerts presented on this website are a chance for visitors to relive Christkindl Markets from 1997 through 2019. In 2020 we are online only.